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ClaudiaRudomanskiYes...I admit it.  I was a skeptic regarding chiropractic.  But after months of living with spinal pain and trying traditional medical therapies, a friend recommended I see her chiropractor and give it a try.  That was probably the best advise I ever accepted.

After meeting Dr. Lee, having x-rays done, reviewing my medical history and condition, we began a path to healing.  His knowledge and instincts proved to be just the thing I needed.  The gentle manipulation of my spine, combined with cold laser therapy has been a saving grace.  While I will never be completely pain-free, Dr. Lee has shown me that I can be pain tolerant with the help of chiropractic.

I can't imagine my life without chiropractic.  It truly is a way of helping your body stay well and keeping you balanced.  With the stress we all manage daily, it is imperative to give yourself a chance to heal, and chiropractic is a way to do that.   - Claudia Rudomanski

Carol Ischen

I saw Dr. Lee for a herniated disc problem. He recommended spinal decompression treatments for me. I was not able to exercise or line dance before the treatments. After the treatments I was able to do both again.

I feel wonderful and am able to stand straight up again. I am back to both line dancing and exercising. 

Dr. Lee is a gentle and compassionate doctor. I recommend him to everyone with back pain 

- Carol Ischen

Kenny Sullivan

When I first moved to Little Egg Harbor, I was concerned about finding a chiropractor.  I am lucky that I found Dr. Lee, because he is the best.  He is also a very understanding and compassionate person.  If it weren't for Dr. Lee and chiropractic, I would still be suffering from neck pain, back pain and sciatica.  I also would not be able to ride my bike and play golf.  I would recommend Dr. Lee to anyone who needs a chiropractor.  - Kenny Sullivan

Judy Fujiwara

I first saw Dr. Lee for low back pain; which was really slowing me down and made my daily activites difficult to do.  I tried hot packs and ibuprofen but nothing helped.  After 2 visits with Dr. Lee, my back was feeling much better.  After 2 weeks I was completely back to normal.  Chiropractic care is the way to go!!! - Judy Fujiwara

The Vreelands

I began seeing a chiropractor a year after our first son was born.  My back was tighening up more and more each day and I finally got to where bending over the sink to wash my hands sent excruciating pain throughout my body.  My chiropractor told me my hips were so off that my spine was compensating in a big way and causing everything to be out of whack!  Pegnancy and labor really take a toll on the body and it took my body a long time of constant compensation to have me on my knees. I didn't have that problem after my second pregnancy because I continued to see my chiropractor the entire time.

All three of our children have seen Dr. Lee for years now.  Whenever one of them falls down, is playing baseball or football or even when one has an ear infection, or is irratable without explination, Dr. Lee has been able to help each of our children by adjusting their spines and in turn helping us to keep our children healthier.  As a family, we are rarely ill and when our kids are having a pain or a problem, they are comfortable enough to tell Dr. Lee.

I fell a couple of months ago out in the yard with my hands full and came crashing down on my knees onto the concrete.  Within a couple of hours I knew that this fall had put my back out of alignment and that my knee wasn't right either.  A trip to Dr. Lee for an adjustment, along with ice and rest, made all the difference in the world!  I learned years ago that a little pain and discomfort will become greater over time and that the best thing to do is talk to my chiropractor and work on the problem together.  I highly recommend seeing a chiropractor to anyone who has children or is seeking a healthier life.  It is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. - Anna Vreeland


I came to Dr. Lee with severe neck pain. I had tried everything and this was a last resort. I had pain in my neck and numbness in my hands and head.

The decompression therapy completely changed my life. I no longer have either neck pain or numbness.

The treatment is relaxing and painless. I’m happy I tried it & will continue with a maintenance plan to stay pain free.  – Mary Pat Funk